Believers Eastern Church participates in outreach in the communities where they are placed. We desire to be the hands and feet of Jesus wherever he has placed us.

About Believers Eastern Church

Believers Eastern Church adheres to the episcopal governance and structure embodied in Scripture and followed by the Church Fathers. We believe in the universal priesthood of all believers, yet we also believe that God is a God of order who establishes lines of authority to strengthen the church in serving Him and humanity.


Believers Eastern Church is part of an international community of believers. We have 50+ dioceses spread over many countries. We also have a religious order established in several of those countries and seek to be part of discipling the next generation of believers.

Don’t Call Any Man Father

Is it wrong to use titles like Father, Priest, Vicar, Episcopa etc. who are leaders of the holy Church? Some people are vehemently against using titles for church leaders such as Father, Priest, Reverend, Clergy, Metropolitan, Catholicos, Pope, Holy Father, Vicar General, Archbishop and so on. They insist that using these terms to refer to people is the same as taking God’s name for them. They have an argument against each title. Even calling somebody a priest, they say, is to live under the Old Covenant.

But we read in St. Mathew 23:9 that Jesus said “Do not call any man your Father” (NIV). What does it mean? Is it wrong to call our biological parents ‘father’ or our instructors in school and college ‘teacher?’

In this booklet we discuss the background and the meaning of Christ’s statement.

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